Dr. Caligari

When I meet someone new and talk inevitably turns to movies this is one of the first films I always recommend. It came out in 1989, and the premise is that it picks up with the original Dr. Caligari’s granddaughter who is conducting her own experiments.

I’ve not seen another movie that looks like this film, the set design, the score, the presentation and dialogue are unique. The film was co-written by Jerry Stahl. If you saw Permanent Midnight, Ben Stiller’s turn as a junkie, that movie was about Jerry Stahl. Stephen Sayadian (aka Rinse Dream) directed and also co-wrote, perhaps best known for the erotic dystopian film Cafe Flesh.

 Fun Fact: The character of Gus Pratt seems to be based on serial killer Albert Fish.

I’m not sure this is even available on DVD, I’ve seen a couple posts on line where people say they got it in a box set of cult movies. I have an old dubbed VHS of it that has been played half to death. If I’m able to track a DVD of it down I’m sure I will be excited enough to post about it.


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