For the Girl Who Has Everything

I’m old and jaded. I know about as much about what little girls like as I do about… I can’t think of anything witty that I know less about. That’s how little I know about what little girls like. I’ve said repeatedly that I am content to be the strange Uncle that gives books they won’t appreciate until they are older.

ouijaToys R’ Us feels my pain. I no longer have to be that relative. They have reworked a classic for today’s modern young lady, and little girl on the on the go. The Pink Ouija Board is here! 

It comes with a carrying case (also pink) and a deck of cards that suggests such probing spiritual questions as “Who will I call next?” By only showing her head, the  possessed glitter girl in the lower corner of the packaging promotes a positive body image and reinforces the importance of the mind to young women.  The carrying case mimics the laptop bag the thinking woman will be carrying around when she’s old enough to step beyond the playground into the real world. Those stupid boys won’t know what hit them!

Maybe the little girl on your shopping list doesn’t have Barbie’s body, or the Bratz sassy attitude. That doesn’t mean they can’t find a place in the competitive hive of public schools and make friends. Nothing says “I’m cool too” to your classmates like spending your free time communing with the dead.

I have a book on my desk right now called Talking To The Dead about Kate and Maggie Fox, the agreed upon founders of modern Spiritualism. It was two young women who started the seance revolution in the 19th Century. Whatever your opinion of Spiritualism, I’d wager they are better role models than anything on television.

Thanks to for drawing this to my attention.


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