The Unacceptable Face of Freedom

As I mentioned before I’ve been ripping old vinyl and cassettes into the computer. In doing so I rediscovered Test Dept.’s 1986 release The Unacceptable Face of Freedom. What a great fucking record this is. They aren’t a band that I ever delved that deeply into, I have this and Pax Britannica. Pax Britanica is good, but The Unacceptable Face… is outstanding. I am going to need to take another look at this project.

Heavy percussion, clattering factory atmospheres, urgent beats, and pissed off political lyrics delivered with passion and intensity. The whole presentation feels authentic, and the execution is spot on. If you are a fan of the “old school” Industrial music sound, this record is among the best of that era for my money.

The video includes interview and live footage. The quality is pretty much crap, but it’s still worth a look.


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