I  love Skinny Puppy, Too Dark Park is a perfect album. Cleanse, Fold & Manipulate is damn close to perfect. The others, up to and including Last Rights, are in the great to brilliant spectrum. When I was a wee-lad I drove 3 and a half hours in a blizzard (which ended up being closer to 6 on the way home) with one headlight to see them play in Kalamazoo, MI. There were no doubt hills in both directions at some point I had to traverse on my journey. Babes In Toyland opened that show.

Just look at this video for “Spasmolytic”… I’ve never confirmed this, but it looks like it could have been directed by Stephen Sayadian of Dr. Caligari and Cafe Flesh fame. See Here.

I haven’t followed the band since they reformed a few years ago. I heard one track that was unrecognizable as Skinny Puppy off of The Greater Wrong Of The Right after which  I lamented the passing of Dwayne Goettel, and decided not to pursue it any further.

Then I saw this video for “Pro-Test,” also off The Greater Wrong Of The Right. This video, right or wrong, has come to symbolize everything that’s wrong with the world to me. Ok maybe not everything, but I watch it again and again in awe of how absurd it is. I hope that it was meant as a joke, but even so… everything goes to hell in the end. It’s a mild obsession that continues to flabbergast me. When it becomes apparent a day is going south I don’t kick a dog or punch a baby, I watch this video.

I haven’t heard anything off of Mythmaker, and people have told me to give this new stuff a chance… but really, did you see that? I’m not a fan-boy type that gets all squirrely about “their” bands normally. It’s just a bit confounding to me how artists that are so unique and innovative can embrace the mundane and trite.


3 Responses to “Pro-Test”

  1. Hey Scott. Spasmolytic was directed by Jim Van Bebber (Manson Family, Roadkill, etc). I thought it was Sayadian too for a while. I think it was definitely inspired by Sayadian.

  2. awesome, thanks for the clarification. There’s so much in that video that is reminiscent of Dr.Caligari, and the style is such a signature style I am surprised it wasn’t him

  3. This video made me realize that if I truly want to beat kobayashi at his own game, I’ll have to spend years perfecting my soggy-hotdog-eating skills. However, if I did that, I’d be obliged (by my own standards) to commit suicide.

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