We Are Connected

I stumbled across this today, the blurb from the YouTube site explains it all…

Voivod tribute video directed by Syl Disjonk for the induction of Denis “Piggy” D’Amour into the Quebec Metal Hall of Fame at the 25th years anniversary of the Quebec Metal scene festival in Montreal. The video focus only on the 80s Voivod with the original line up since it was screened at the Quebec 80s Metal night.

Here is a higher quality version from the directors site that was not able to be embedded.

Voivod has influenced my perception of music and its potential more than any other. It was Voivod and Black Flag that introduced me to dissonance and abstraction in the mid 80’s when it came to writing music. As I discovered bands like Neubauten and Controlled Bleeding  in the late 80’s I think my path was more or less set. Those aren’t the only bands that made an impression on me, but I think those are probably the bands that showed me the path through the weeds toward the kind of music I ended up doing.  

I got to see Voivod on the Nothingface tour with the original line up at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. They were headlining over Faith No More and Soundgarden. Blacky broke his E-String during the set, and I remember being in awe of their road cases with the Korgull skull on them. It was a fantastic show. I got smashed in the nose by a girl standing in front of me that decided to start pogoing out of the blue. She jumped up and hit me square, but it didn’t matter just then.

I saw them again at their first public show with Snake back in the band, and Jason Newstead’s debut on bass in San Francisco years later. I went by myself, and just absorbed it all. They were clearly having a blast up there, and everyone could feel it coming off the stage. When they finished the set I saw Snake walking through the hall and it was an odd moment where there really wasn’t anyone else around.

I’m not someone that particularly cares about meeting famous people, and I don’t think I have ever asked for an autograph. This seemed like an opportunity though to say thanks, so I did. I stuck out my hand and  thanked him. He seemed a little surprised. He shook my hand and thanked me and that’s all that was said. I decided at that point the night wasn’t getting any better and left three songs into the headliner’s set.

Voivod’s music tamed a bit from the three essential albums of Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross and Nothingface,the weird chords and changes have had some of their sharp corners rounded off, but the creativity of Piggy’s playing remained evident. Piggy died in 2005. Voivod released two albums, Katorz, and Infinisince his death using his original demo recordings of new material as their basis. Infini comes out June 16th I believe. I’m looking forward to what will likely be the last album from a band that changed everything for me.


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