various and sundry

I’ve been busy working on a couple different short story ideas, and the folks were in town, which is always great.  Thus the lack of posts recently.

Also been going through my notebook of free writing and transferring some of that into the computer. There are several chunks of things I want to beat into something presentable. Some of it is not worth pursuing, but there are a few possibilities in there that I am getting anxious to try and flesh out. I’m at the point right now where  I need to grit my teeth and get into the work of it for awhile and actually write them to their conclusions. Too many idea chunks, not enough stories.

 I recently joined The Dark Fiction Guild, it’s still early days, but hopefully it will evolve into a valuable asset for those involved. I go back and forth on how present I want to be in the “writing community.” I’m not a community person honestly. Things like MySpace and most message boards make my skin crawl. This venture is for people who are actually doing the work, whether it be writing, music, art or film that explores dark themes. So my hope is that the interactions will reflect something loftier than attention whoring and pettiness.

Anyway, while you are here, make a point to check out Surreal Horror Shorts week, over at Colors Of The Dark.


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