Jeffrey Combs is finishing up a theatre run as Edgar Allan Poe in LA this month. From what I understand the show was extended through the end of August despite what the poster says.  You can read more about it here.

Combs also played Poe in Stuart Gordon’s adaptation of “The Black Cat” for the Master’s of Horror series. As you can see from the poster (which I would love to find a copy of) the resemblance is spooky.

I really hope they take this show on some sort of tour, it would be magnificent to see.

And while we are here, how about an excerpt of “The Black Cat”? It is curiously animated to give the impression Poe is talking.

also while we are here, we happen to have a black cat named Nevermore. He looks like this sometimes…

If you are interested, Jeffrey Combs also played H.P. Lovecraft in “Necronomicon.”  I should  also mention his bit part in the adaptation of Poe’s “The Pit And The Pendulum” starring Lance Henriksen, also directed by Stuart Gordon.

I was trying to babble long enough to get the text to the bottom of this picture and I think I have done it. Huzah!


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