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Spookatorium Podcast

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Prof. Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium is a podcast I do that has produced 26 episodes in the last 3 years or so. I didn’t do any shows at all this past year, but I never officially canceled it. I had intended to do another Halloween episode this year, which would have been the 4th annual, and then hopefully revive it in some form going forward. Now it’s Devil’s Night (hello Detroit!!) and I don’t have anything ready. So, here are the last three years worth of Halloween episodes for you to check out should you be so inclined instead.

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 007 – 2006

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 017 – 2007

Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium 026 – 2008

If there is any real interest, and I can make the time, I would like to continue the show in some form. It’s fun to do, obligations and other interests just sort of moved it to the back burner and the next thing I knew a year had passed. All of the past shows are still online through the link above so feel free to check those out too.



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so, so great…

where do your memories go?

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Where do your memories go?

Snatched by rodents that creep in the night,
Or the bellies of cats that tame the rodent blight?
Down the hole at the creek where stones forever fall,
Or the pipe in the basement that peeks from the wall?
Do they hide beneath leaves when the eaves fill with rain,
Or slip out of view on a boxcar train?

Well, I made you a new one today at the lake
With a pebble, a toad and a green bellied snake.
I left it with you by the old porch swing,
But the drink in your hand may have clipped its wings.
It was good I think, as far as memories go,
Nearly as good as that pig with no nose.
But you lost that too as I now recall,
He was in the carnival tents that arrived last fall.

Where do your memories go?

Perhaps they are waiting for you out there,
In a stump, or a trunk or the cushion of your chair.
The one where you sit with a drink in your hand,
Sour on life and the ways of the land.
I think you will find them if you look one day,
Because none of mine have gone away.



I wrote that half asleep a few months ago over morning coffee and just stumbled across it again. Not sure where the undercurrent came from honestly. I was pleased with how it turned out though. I think I was inspired by watching Neil Gaiman read The Day The Saucers Came. Video/audio isn’t great, but the poem is.

old live show 6.10.00

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I was digging through an old box of masters and various musical odds and ends and found this recording. It’s a live performance I did in June of 2000 in San Francisco. It was only my second performance as Gruntsplatter. The performance was part of Troniksfest I, other projects on the bill included Control, Petit Mal, and Sleeping With The Earth. Hmm, none of the Petit Mal’s on Myspace seem to be the right one.


Things definitely got better after I had played a few shows and figured out what I was doing. But I thought some of you might have an interest in hearing it. This is an edited version of the set that was going to be released as a split LP with the Control set from the same night. It was truncated for time so it would fit on an LP side, but it’s just as well. I don’t remember why it never came out, but the world seems to have gotten by just fine without it. The huge white void behind me in the attached picture was a video screen, but pic was taken with a flash that washed it out. Hopefully it was a little more entertaining than the picture would suggest.

Gruntsplatter Live in SF 6.10.00

sound and fear

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Scientific American ran a story about a month ago regarding the brains reaction to “scary music” when paired with visuals and then without visuals. They looked the way music is used to heighten fear in movies and how the brain reacted when watching the scene, and when closing your eyes during the scene. The result was that those who closed their eyes had greater reactions in the emotional centers of their brains than those who didn’t. It was scarier not to see it.

Chalk one up for the imagination.

This was interesting to me with regards to listening habits of dark ambient and experimental music. I’ve always gotten so much more from a release when I dim the lights and just absorb it. It’s a canvas for the imagination. It’s something, probably the primary thing, I always hoped to achieve with Gruntsplatter and some of my other projects. It’s why I rarely use vocals or samples. I didn’t want anything that made the music too concrete.

Everything I have done has a theme or implied story behind it, but I hope that by leaving it abstract the listener has been able to fill in the blanks with their own ideas of what was going on. I’ve gotten some nice emails over the years that have related some of those visions, or from people who have used Gruntsplatter to augment their create processes while painting or writing. It’s about the best compliment I can think of.

I wonder with the way that ingesting music has evolved just how many of the secret stories hidden in atmospheric music will go untapped. Will people continue to turn out the lights and listen attentively or will it all just blend into the background din of life. Even I don’t do it as often as I used to.

Science has now documented the emotional charge the pure sounds can evoke without the distraction of other outside stimulus. Make a point to experience that with some of your favorite dark releases.

some of that book learnin’

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I’m going to be taking an online writing course offered by Michael Knost. Knost edited the recent Writers Workshop Of Horror collection. You can find out more about the class and Michael at his blog here. There is apparently still a bit of room in the classes if anyone might be interested.

I’m still working my way through the Writers Workshop book, but the articles thus far have all been useful and well done. The collection is a similar approach to the Horror Writer’s Association’s (HWA’s) book On Writing Horror. A compilation of essays by various luminaries of the field dissecting a particular component of the craft.  I got a lot out of On Writing Horror, but the Knost collection thus far feels even more meat and potatoes than that did.

I’m definitely looking forward to it, I haven’t taken a formal course in a very long time. I guess I took a class on Adobe Illustrator that my work paid for about 12 years ago, but before that it was college about 18 years ago.