old live show 6.10.00

I was digging through an old box of masters and various musical odds and ends and found this recording. It’s a live performance I did in June of 2000 in San Francisco. It was only my second performance as Gruntsplatter. The performance was part of Troniksfest I, other projects on the bill included Control, Petit Mal, and Sleeping With The Earth. Hmm, none of the Petit Mal’s on Myspace seem to be the right one.


Things definitely got better after I had played a few shows and figured out what I was doing. But I thought some of you might have an interest in hearing it. This is an edited version of the set that was going to be released as a split LP with the Control set from the same night. It was truncated for time so it would fit on an LP side, but it’s just as well. I don’t remember why it never came out, but the world seems to have gotten by just fine without it. The huge white void behind me in the attached picture was a video screen, but pic was taken with a flash that washed it out. Hopefully it was a little more entertaining than the picture would suggest.

Gruntsplatter Live in SF 6.10.00


3 Responses to “old live show 6.10.00”

  1. Nice shirt. Ha ha.

    Thanks for posting this set! I look forward to hearing checking it out.

  2. I don’t think I ever got my product placement check for wearing that shirt come to think of it…

  3. I was waiting for MY “noise street cred” check. Hmmm… I guess we got us a Mexican Standoff Señor! Let’s call it a draw.

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