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The Prophetic Maw

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I just stumbled across this “video” someone made for a Gruntsplatter track via NME of all places. The video is really just a photo with the track played over it. The song comes from the split release with Slowvent I released on Crionic Mind back in 1998. The track was probably recorded in 1997. The CD was limited to 500 copies and has been sold out for a very long time.

The title, “The Prophetic Maw,” was inspired by a dream that a co-worker told me about, and that I was  in. I’m sure there are other details I am forgetting but the basic idea was this… In the dream I was insisting that she was very ill and I could tell that by the look of her teeth. I continued to hound her about being sick until she relented and had me pull out all of her teeth so that she wouldn’t die.  Psychiatrists, take your marks.

The title popped into my head after she told me the story. I jotted it down and here is the result….


Luasa Raelon

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David Reed recently impregnated my mailbox with the newest release by his project Luasa Raelon. I’ve been a fan of David’s music since I first heard it 2001 or so. He creates the kind of dark ambient that I relish. It has detail and teeth and uses it to build mood rather than disrupt it. I was fortunate to play a show with him here in Portland in 2004. That was the last time I played a show come to think of it.

This new one is called, Vampyre: The Light Of The Beast. I’m just listening to it now for the first time. It is, as expected, outstanding. The rich, creeping atmosphere that he conjures so well is as potent as ever. I’m not going to write a review of it on first listen because it’s music you must submerge yourself in to truly appreciate. However, if you like anything I have done musically and haven’t checked out David’s work you are missing out terribly.

In addition to Luasa Raelon, his projects Envenomist, Brittle Foundries, and Nightmares (with J. Canady & M. Solotroff) are all worth experiencing. Thanks David, I really appreciate it.

Ordering info and samples can be found here Reed Heavy Industries.


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The Crionic Mind site got hit with some malicious code and was being reported as an attack site. I finally got it cleaned up and cleared with the Google cops as being safe again. So if it made you afraid in the last month or so I have cast out the unclean spirits and civility has been restored.

Been writing.  I figured out a title for a novel I outlined and back storied a couple years ago so that is at the forefront of my thoughts again. Chipping away on short story ideas…

Oh, and against my better judgment I opened a Twitter account. Feed is in the sidebar –  @scottsplatter. It has proven useful for news updates from publishers and writers I like, haven’t found much in the way of music on there.