My name is Scott E. Candey and this blog will be a catch all space for ruminations on my interests and creative output. I’ve been involved in numerous dark experimental music projects over the years, run a record label and mail order, co-edited a music zine, done graphic design, a podcast and more recently I have been spending time writing fiction and trying to locate some of the art skills I had as a kid.

My primary musical project since 1994 or so has been Gruntsplatter. In addition to that I did a couple of short lived solo projects called Grimes & Cinder Skin, and have been involved in 4 different collaborative projects: Triage (w/ Ruhr Hunter), Blunt Force Trauma (w/ Deathpile), Umbra (w/Murderous Vision) and Circadian (w/ Nothing).

I started a record label and mail order called Crionic Mind in 1995. The last release was put out in 2001 but the mail order still exists. Some of the projects I released records for include Cold Electric Fire, Exsanguinate, KK Null, Never Presence Forever and Wilt among others. Also in 1995 I helped to establish a print zine called Worm Gear that covered all manner of extreme music. Worm Gear has since gone to the web, and still exists.

Over the years I’ve done graphic design work for several underground musicians and labels including Dissecting Table, Control, Steel Hook Prostheses, Nothing, Bad Sector, Navicon Torture Technologies and a mess of others. About 3 years ago I started a podcast called Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium that focuses on the music I love, as well as various weird and Fortean subjects. 

You can find more information on all this at my primary website Crionic Mind.

Exquisite Dystopia felt like a reasonable summary that captured many of the themes of my various creative undertakings.


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