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New Digs

Posted in News with tags , on September 13, 2010 by scottsplatter

In an effort to better consolidate my web presence I have created a new catch all blog

Architectural Scarecrows & The Ashes of Effigies : The Aberrant Laboratory of Scott E. Candey

I find that by having too many sites going I don’t post to any of them nearly as much as I want to. Determining what content goes where results in no content going anywhere. My hope is by creating this new site I’ll post more often and while it may be eclectic it will be me. All of the relevant posts from Exquisite Dystopia have already been migrated.

This site will have downloads and a full overview of my activities as well. I hope you’ll check it out


What Do Ya Know…

Posted in News, Projects with tags , , , , , , , , on May 19, 2010 by scottsplatter

I just stumbled across something curious over at

“I Hate The Tapes Fuck Them” C100 Cassette Compilation
Released in 1998 on Bizarre Audio Arts

“When the tape starts to run, you will hear two bands in the same time; one in the left speaker and the other in the right speaker. Edition of 25 copies.”

The most striking thing about this:  I am on it and had no idea. I’ve never even heard of it. I discovered this because someone added it to the Gruntsplatter discog page. There are 20 tracks on the release for a total of 40 contributors. The tape is limited to 25… no wonder I have never heard of it.

This is the second time Bizarre Audio Arts did something like this with Gruntsplatter. The other was a split cassette with Armenia allegedly released in 1999. The track that appears on the comp was one of the tracks from that release. After waiting over two years for the release to come out I withdrew the material because someone else wanted to release it. Just as the alternate release was slated to come out on Verbrannte Erde Prod. I got a package from Bizarre Audio Arts with two copies of the canceled split in it. Xerox cover, poorly dubbed cassettes that if I remember right cut something off… and took over two years to produce. I canceled the Verbrannte Erde release because of BAA release. I’m not sure the label ever produced more than those two I got in the mail. All the tracks from that (and then some) were included on “The Organ Harvest: Rare & Unreleased 1994-1999” CDR that Audio Savant released in 2004.

I don’t care at this point. It just reminded me of one of the very rare bad experiences I had in doing all of this music stuff.


Posted in News with tags , on March 27, 2010 by scottsplatter

The Crionic Mind site got hit with some malicious code and was being reported as an attack site. I finally got it cleaned up and cleared with the Google cops as being safe again. So if it made you afraid in the last month or so I have cast out the unclean spirits and civility has been restored.

Been writing.  I figured out a title for a novel I outlined and back storied a couple years ago so that is at the forefront of my thoughts again. Chipping away on short story ideas…

Oh, and against my better judgment I opened a Twitter account. Feed is in the sidebar –  @scottsplatter. It has proven useful for news updates from publishers and writers I like, haven’t found much in the way of music on there.


Posted in News on January 19, 2010 by scottsplatter

Back up and running, email functioning again, most (but not all) important files intact. Went out-of-town, came back, things should be quiet for a while. That 2009 post I had mostly written before my hard drive crossed its arms across its chest and gave up seems even more unimportant now than it did then…

I hope to make this space a bit more active going forward. We’ll see.


Posted in News with tags , , on January 4, 2010 by scottsplatter

Well my computer is taking the new year off so far. Posting from my phone. Will hopefully be back up soon.

Offline for a few

Posted in News with tags on September 12, 2009 by scottsplatter

I’m in between houses and internet connections this week so I’ll be away from email and posting and such. Posting from my phone at the moment so hopefully this works.

Greetings and Salutations

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Exquisite Dystopia is as an annex of my website Crionic Mind. Have a look, I just redid the whole thing… I intend to use this space for updates on my different projects and to prattle on about things I find interesting. I may post some fiction now and again, perhaps some forgotten relics from the last umpteen  years of doing music, I don’t really know…

For those wondering why I hadn’t updated the Crionic Mind site in a year and a half, it is a sordid tale of hard drive crashes and apathy. I lost a lot of info including…

– pretty much all the contact info I have built up since I started
– all the people that ever ordered anything from me
– all of the information on my existing inventory
– several of the programs I needed to cobble that stuff back together

So, I have finally just redesigned the site. It’s my first time using Dreamweaver, but I like how it turned out. The mail order catalog isn’t posted yet, but I will be working on going through and counting everything and putting a merch list back together over the next couple of weeks hopefully.

The only addresses or emails I have are people who I talked to regularly, if I talked to you irregularly your information is probably gone. Feel free to get back in touch.

That’s it for now…