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What Do Ya Know…

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I just stumbled across something curious over at

“I Hate The Tapes Fuck Them” C100 Cassette Compilation
Released in 1998 on Bizarre Audio Arts

“When the tape starts to run, you will hear two bands in the same time; one in the left speaker and the other in the right speaker. Edition of 25 copies.”

The most striking thing about this:  I am on it and had no idea. I’ve never even heard of it. I discovered this because someone added it to the Gruntsplatter discog page. There are 20 tracks on the release for a total of 40 contributors. The tape is limited to 25… no wonder I have never heard of it.

This is the second time Bizarre Audio Arts did something like this with Gruntsplatter. The other was a split cassette with Armenia allegedly released in 1999. The track that appears on the comp was one of the tracks from that release. After waiting over two years for the release to come out I withdrew the material because someone else wanted to release it. Just as the alternate release was slated to come out on Verbrannte Erde Prod. I got a package from Bizarre Audio Arts with two copies of the canceled split in it. Xerox cover, poorly dubbed cassettes that if I remember right cut something off… and took over two years to produce. I canceled the Verbrannte Erde release because of BAA release. I’m not sure the label ever produced more than those two I got in the mail. All the tracks from that (and then some) were included on “The Organ Harvest: Rare & Unreleased 1994-1999” CDR that Audio Savant released in 2004.

I don’t care at this point. It just reminded me of one of the very rare bad experiences I had in doing all of this music stuff.


Slaughter Prod. Cassettes

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The A5 bag cassettes that Slaughter Prod. released in the 90’s were such a pleasure.  It’s a simple, but interesting, presentation, and I was always really fond of them. The fact that there were very few (if any) disappointments in the ones I got my hands on doesn’t hurt.

I found a stash of these in a couple of crates I haven’t dipped into in ages.  Tonight I got  “Fac-Totum” and “Omega” from Die Sonne Satan and “Exile” from Drift burned into the computer. I had forgotten about Drift entirely, it was a Dark Ambient side project of the man behind Dead Body Love and Discordance. Good stuff. I don’t think that project ever had CD release or collection from any of the cassettes come out.

Slaughter Prod. was a label I had hoped to do something for at some point. These cassette releases, and  “Death Odors” series were among some of my favorite releases back then. There is a tone and mood that is captured in a lot of that material that is so definitive for how I view Dark Ambient and Death Industrial. It was a special label, and Marco Corbelli was always a good person to deal with. He’s gone now unfortunately, but aside from his own music in Atrax Morgue and Morder Machine etc. he left a brilliant capsule of dark electronics with the releases on Slaughter Prod.

Holy Mountain

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This post isn’t about the Jodorowsky film, and it’s not about the Sleep record that abandoned the awesomeness the band established in AsbestosDeath and on the first Sleep album in favor of Black Sabbath worshipping banality. The Holy Mountain of which I speak is the crates upon crates of cassette tapes I have acquired over the years. These crates were recently excavated from a damp garage somewhere in the  Pacific Northwest, and contain within them gobs of excellent forgotten metal, punk, experimental and so forth.

I haven’t really dug in to them yet to see what sort of sonic toads might be lurking just under the top layer, but there are several things I’m anxious to spin again. I ordered one of these things, Ion U-record Music Archiver. Should be here in about a week, the prospect of getting all of that stuff into the computer along with my vinyl, and having easy access to it again is glorious.

I’ve been slowly ripping all my CD’s into the computer, and just the process of methodically going through it all has reminded me of some great records that I should have been listening to more often than I was.

(I haven’t listened to that Sleep record since it came out but I remember being hugely disappointed in it. Maybe my opinion would be different know, but I don’t care enough to revisit it I’m afraid. The AsbestosDeath 7’s and Sleep “Volume 1” are good enough for me.)