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Holy Mountain

Posted in Rumination with tags , , , on May 11, 2009 by scottsplatter

This post isn’t about the Jodorowsky film, and it’s not about the Sleep record that abandoned the awesomeness the band established in AsbestosDeath and on the first Sleep album in favor of Black Sabbath worshipping banality. The Holy Mountain of which I speak is the crates upon crates of cassette tapes I have acquired over the years. These crates were recently excavated from a damp garage somewhere in the  Pacific Northwest, and contain within them gobs of excellent forgotten metal, punk, experimental and so forth.

I haven’t really dug in to them yet to see what sort of sonic toads might be lurking just under the top layer, but there are several things I’m anxious to spin again. I ordered one of these things, Ion U-record Music Archiver. Should be here in about a week, the prospect of getting all of that stuff into the computer along with my vinyl, and having easy access to it again is glorious.

I’ve been slowly ripping all my CD’s into the computer, and just the process of methodically going through it all has reminded me of some great records that I should have been listening to more often than I was.

(I haven’t listened to that Sleep record since it came out but I remember being hugely disappointed in it. Maybe my opinion would be different know, but I don’t care enough to revisit it I’m afraid. The AsbestosDeath 7’s and Sleep “Volume 1” are good enough for me.)