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Nazca – Out

Posted in Recommendation, Video with tags , , on July 4, 2010 by scottsplatter

I have posted about Nazca previously, but they have a new record out and they are still an amazing band, so here you go.

I received the new disc in the mail from Karstein a month, because he is a swell guy. It’s been far too long since “Non-Grata” came out on Eibon records in 2002. On the new release, “Out”, they have continued down the path that really took shape on that record. Moody Post Punk with an understated infusion of spaghetti/surf guitars and analog synth that really fleshes out the dynamics of the band. Lyrically, it is a mix of personal and social… The bio which is one of the numerous papers on my desk… perhaps it’s under this cat here… sums it up something like “hippies without flowers, punks without mohawks.”

Every track on the record is excellent. This is a band that I still listen to on a regular basis even with the long break between releases. My understanding is that they are already anxious to get back in the studio. Can’t wait.

They have just released an official video for the track “Real Love.” This is probably the most “aggressive” track on the record.

And while we are on the subject here is a live version of “Malady” which – unless I am missing something  – is a non-album track that is only available on their DVD “Free For All”

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Posted in Recommendation, Video with tags , , , , , on July 11, 2009 by scottsplatter

Nazca is a band from Helsinki I count among my favorites, and this track in particular is simply brilliant. It comes off the album Non Grata released on Eibon Records back in 2002. The clip below is an incomplete video for the track “Anti-Septic.” It’s not the entire track, but there is enough here to appreciate, and the visuals are well done.

I interviewed Karstein Volle their vocalist and guitarist a few years ago for Worm Gear, but I guess I haven’t added the interview to the new blog driven version of the site yet. It was the middle of the night for him and he was stuck working on a design project and was gracious enough to spend a couple of hours chatting. You should listen to Nazca.