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Posted in News with tags , on March 27, 2010 by scottsplatter

The Crionic Mind site got hit with some malicious code and was being reported as an attack site. I finally got it cleaned up and cleared with the Google cops as being safe again. So if it made you afraid in the last month or so I have cast out the unclean spirits and civility has been restored.

Been writing.  I figured out a title for a novel I outlined and back storied a couple years ago so that is at the forefront of my thoughts again. Chipping away on short story ideas…

Oh, and against my better judgment I opened a Twitter account. Feed is in the sidebar –  @scottsplatter. It has proven useful for news updates from publishers and writers I like, haven’t found much in the way of music on there.


Offline for a few

Posted in News with tags on September 12, 2009 by scottsplatter

I’m in between houses and internet connections this week so I’ll be away from email and posting and such. Posting from my phone at the moment so hopefully this works.