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Greetings and Salutations

Posted in News with tags , , on May 4, 2009 by scottsplatter


Exquisite Dystopia is as an annex of my website Crionic Mind. Have a look, I just redid the whole thing… I intend to use this space for updates on my different projects and to prattle on about things I find interesting. I may post some fiction now and again, perhaps some forgotten relics from the last umpteen  years of doing music, I don’t really know…

For those wondering why I hadn’t updated the Crionic Mind site in a year and a half, it is a sordid tale of hard drive crashes and apathy. I lost a lot of info including…

– pretty much all the contact info I have built up since I started
– all the people that ever ordered anything from me
– all of the information on my existing inventory
– several of the programs I needed to cobble that stuff back together

So, I have finally just redesigned the site. It’s my first time using Dreamweaver, but I like how it turned out. The mail order catalog isn’t posted yet, but I will be working on going through and counting everything and putting a merch list back together over the next couple of weeks hopefully.

The only addresses or emails I have are people who I talked to regularly, if I talked to you irregularly your information is probably gone. Feel free to get back in touch.

That’s it for now…