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That Never Happened

Posted in Projects, Rumination with tags , , , , , , , , on May 19, 2009 by scottsplatter

Over the years there have been a few projects that were proposed that for one reason or another never happened. Some of these were mentioned in interviews and others may never have been made public, I really don’t remember.

The Black Hands Project – I was approached by Vadim Gusis of Chaos As Shelter to do a collaboration, around that same time he’d apparently also asked Stephen O’Malley of SunnO))), Khanate etc. to do a collaboration. I had been corresponding with Stephen and we decided to make it a three project collaboration with all of us doing one release together. Work was actually started on this, and music exchanged and recorded and then it petered out. Not sure what happened honestly. I probably have some of that around in a box somewhere.

w/ Dream Into DustDerek Rush and I used to correspond a fair amount years ago and always sort of thought it would be an interesting project to collaborate on something. We talked about it and wondered, but never got to the point of action.  I did an email from Derek the other day asking if I’d be interested in doing a remix for him for an upcoming album he’s working on, and agreed to do it. So a taste of what might have been lurks somewhere on the horizon.

w/ HaloSkye Klein (that discography is incomplete)  The varied projects of Skye and Robert are almost too numerous to list, but they are all good. Skye and I discussed doing something together at one point, but then they got scooped up by Relapse, and I assume got very busy and nothing came of it.

w/Sator Absentia – Cedric Codognet had contacted me about a possible video collaboration that he wanted to put together, with each of us contribution new audio, and footage we’d shot of various and sundry thing, not live footage. He was working  a DVD for Sator Absentia and thought we could perhaps get to it when he was done with that. I never heard much else about it. Given my ramshackle recording situation the last couple years I probably would have had to put it off  or back out anyway.

I think that covers the primary propositions that have come and gone along the way.